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A Note From All of Us

The idea for All of Us came to us as a response to the increase in divisive and prejudiced rhetoric in the news and on social media. Knowing that travel played an instrumental role in our own lives–increasing our sensitivity and compassion toward other cultures–we decided to create gear that promotes thoughtful consideration of humanity in all of our differences every time it’s used.

And so became the name: All of Us.

Just as All of Us came to fruition, however, the global refugee crisis was intensifying. We know that that people can’t always come up with an extra $50 for charity, but by making purchase decisions that have a positive impact, they can still make a difference. So we partner with the International Rescue Committee to support their important work every time someone joins All of Us in this mission.

Some Product Designers, a Traveling Chef, the IRC, and Compassionate Travelers

Remember to write home to All of Us and share your own All of Us inspired Stories.

“Everything is held together with stories. That is all that is holding us together, stories and compassion.”

- Barry Lopez