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November 04, 2017

“Everything is held together with stories. That is all that is holding us together, stories and compassion.”
― Barry López

Nothing can challenge our perspectives and open our hearts and minds to humanity like travel. We invite this challenge, when we travel. When we travel, we seek out what’s different, what’s strange, what’s “other” - and we hold it in esteem. We open ourselves to the unexpected and different so that we can be surprised, perplexed, and expanded.

If we go well, we come home with stories – stories of people and adventure and unique experiences. If we go really well, we come home with stories of how we made meaningful connections to people different from us, and how we mingled with new cultures and become part of them - for a moment. If the people and cultures changed us, and became a part of us, that, is the story we love to tell – we say about our travels, but really, about our transformation.

We seek the different when we travel, but we seem to demand sameness when we return home. What we cherished while away, we sometimes fear and push away when we (get to) encounter it in our homeland.

All of Us hopes to promote compassion and understanding through a traveler’s mindset of cultural curiosity, emotional generosity, acceptance, and tolerance. We are, in fact, travelers every day – even in our home towns. When we approach each day as though we are travelers -- expectant, curious, and open to what’s new and different -- we can experience the transformative power of travel in our home towns and in our everyday lives.

We’d love to hear your stories. All of Us (the company) is more about all of us the community (that’s you). Your story might be a funny travel log, or a story of transformation. It might be a story about how one simple decision led to a spectacular experience, or a moment of personal illumination. All stories matter. In the end, it’s the stories we share and the stories we hear that bring us together. We hope that our shared stories lead us to the discovery that amidst our differences we find a shared humanity, and the shared truth that, there is no us; there is no them  there is only all of us


~All of Us™ - Travelers Together

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All of Us Travel
All of Us Travel

November 08, 2017

Hi Sandy,

Thank you for your response and your support.

It looks like there might be some issues at the moment with submitting blog posts. So for anyone that would like to share their stories with the community, we request that you please email it to along with any image that you would like to use for the post.

Kind Regards from

All of Us

Travelers Together

Sandy Brennan Worthing
Sandy Brennan Worthing

November 05, 2017

I just wrote a post here minutes ago
and, as has happened before, it disappeared from my screen. Did it
miraculously reach this site. Probably not. Please notify me if it did or did not reach you..I would enjoy sharing my
travels with you.I am glad you created this site. I wholeheartedly agree with
your mission!!! It is crucial for people to travel short trips or long ones. Nationally or internationally. It is an educational field trip during which we
Will change.
I travelled alone for 4 1/2 months in Europe in 1966. My Eurorail

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